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  • V Smith (Wednesday, October 25 17 08:54 am EDT)

    Love it when it is time for Time Genies to give me a hand with cleaning. Always do a beautiful job and so very crisp and fresh smelling when they are done. We love Time Genies. We are extremely happy with their service.

  • Terra (Monday, October 02 17 12:07 pm EDT)

    Words fail me when I try to describe the benefit of having Time Genies by my side as a busy mom of four. Hiring Time Genies to help me around the house with cleaning and organizing has saved me so much time... time that I have gotten to spend instead with my children making memories to last a lifetime. That's priceless and worth so much more than Time Genies costs. I'm going to start saving so I can hire them to organize and clean out my entire house -- making my life easier and better. There's nothing like coming home from a long hard day at work to a fresh home. It makes me a better mom! Thank you will never be enough!

  • Gina (Thursday, September 28 17 12:15 pm EDT)

    Time Genies is helping our family with cleaning and organizing our house and my Dad's house. The tasks are very overwhelming to me. Everyone we have worked with has been very helpful, kind and efficient. I have worked with Karen in the past and she remains cheerful and encouraging, and she had wonderful ideas! I highly recommend Time Genies!

  • Anna Hall (Wednesday, September 13 17 10:47 am EDT)

    So pleased with the service I receive from Time Genies each time I use them. From beginning to end, the entire team goes out of their way to make sure all is done to my satisfaction with care and attention to detail. The house sparkles and smells so good after each time they clean and I love that they do it in half the time using two workers. As a busy mom running my own business, I so appreciate having Time Genies to help me whenever I need with whatever I need. Thank you, Karen and your fantastic team!

  • C Fitzgerald (Friday, September 01 17 08:56 pm EDT)

    First off, Karen is friendly, professional and very personable. She will come by and do a quick walk-through of your place and ask what you are hoping to receive. I hit the jackpot with Barb, who is hard-working, trustworthy, and very nice. She is reliable too, always on time, and always focused on her work. I am very happy I learned of Time Genies. I am so appreciative of their help!

  • Janet (Thursday, August 31 17 08:34 pm EDT)

    Time Genies were great in helping me pack and wrap things in my mother and dad's house! This team is phenomenal! They are always on time, efficient, hard-working, and go over and beyond what is expected. I would not hesitate to use this service again. I highly recommend Time Genies and they were life savers in helping me! Also, very reasonable priced.

  • Ann (Friday, July 28 17 06:22 pm EDT)

    Karen, I will never forget you. Your compassion, humor, and amazing ability to create
    order out of chaos made the most difficult period of my life not only manageable but
    fun. It is hard to express how much that meant to me. Your support was invaluable. I looked forward to your visits and we laughed so much it did not seem like work at all.
    For all of that, I am deeply grateful.

  • Farisha Rahman (Monday, July 24 17 10:51 am EDT)

    I love Time Genies. They are fast, friendly and do a great job every time. Best of all they are flexible to meet my busy family's schedule. I recommend them to anyone.

  • Terri Wold (Friday, July 07 17 11:10 am EDT)

    I was absolutely desperate for someone to take care of my 1 year old pup "Lucy" for 10 days after my regular sitters became unavailable. I called Time Genies and within 24 hrs Karen had given me the name of a sitter. Myra and her husband opened their home to my "not so disciplined" Lucy. Myra sent a picture of Lucy or a text describing her "adventures" at least every other day. My husband & I travel quite a bit and Myra is our top choice for puppy care. Thank you Karen!!

  • Maggie D (Wednesday, June 21 17 03:30 pm EDT)

    All I can say is WOW!
    You and your team (Suzanne and Laura) have made my life so much easier in the past 23 days, and that's just me! What you ladies have done for my mom is nothing short of amazing!
    Moving my parents could have been utterly dreadful for all concerned; but your patience, wisdom, and management of the packing, organizing, and purging, made this huge life event simple!
    You and your team have made what could have been an exhausting, troublesome, frustrating time, and made it pain-free, humorous, and enjoyable for my mother; and for that I am forever grateful.
    And best of all, both my mom and I now concerned you all, friends.
    Looking forward to working with you again soon. I will be working on a schedule for when my mother will be back in Hickory for more organizing, purging, and finally some cleaning.

  • Anne Barrier (Wednesday, June 21 17 01:14 pm EDT)

    I just started using Time-Genies and have quickly found out I don't want to do without them ever again! Fabulous job cleaning. Polite. On time. Always ready to listen to what I need. Love me some Time-Genies!!

  • Clise Plant (Friday, September 30 16 11:12 am EDT)

    I truly am blessed that I found Time Genies. I'm a mother of 2 boys, so things get a little hectic around the house. When they come to clean my house, I get excited because that's one less thing I
    have to do. They're professional and are experts at what they do. I highly recommend them to clean your house.

  • Tom M. (Tuesday, September 06 16 10:20 pm EDT)

    Karen has been managing our rental home for the past 5 months. She leads a responsive, dependable team! Our guests often mention how clean our home is. When the unexpected occurs, she goes above and
    beyond. I highly recommend Karen and her team.

  • Sally Pitofsky (Sunday, June 26 16 09:14 am EDT)

    Karen and the crew are the ultimate professionals. The house was transformed and shining. They handled the mess with ease. Very reasonable as well. I highly recommend!

  • Sally Pitofsky (Sunday, June 26 16 09:10 am EDT)

    Karen and the crew are the ultimate professionals. They really are cleaning genies. The house looked sparkling! Very reasonable as well. I highly recommend!

  • Michael Edwards (Thursday, June 23 16 09:29 am EDT)

    They live up to their names. They indeed were time Genies. We had only a couple days between closing on our new home and moving in and I have some very particular people in my house that wanted it
    deep cleaned, almost operating condition, prior to us moving in and they made it happen. We had to go by while the cleaning was taking place and it was amazing the speed , determination, know-how and
    friendliness everyone at Time Genies showed. Our house is immaculate thanks to Karen and the Time Genies.

  • Darrell Morrison (Tuesday, May 24 16 02:27 pm EDT)

    Fantastic service! Great people! Time Genies has been a life saver. From feeding and walking our dog when we go out of town, to emergency trips to the house to put delivered medications in the
    fridge. Karen has always been there when we needed her. I never hesitate to call her when we need help. I look forward to working with Karen far into the future. Having Karen means we never have to
    worry when we need help or go out of town.

  • CAROLE (Monday, May 02 16 02:19 pm EDT)

    Grateful to find such a excellent service company!

  • Carrie (Friday, April 29 16 04:16 pm EDT)

    Karen and Kris were wonderful to work with. We hired Time Genies to organize and clean out my Father-In-Laws house after his wife died. They made a mountain of a job into a fun and enjoyable
    experience! They were professional and efficient! Thanks for the laughs ladies, see you next time!

  • Crystal W (Friday, January 29 16 09:41 am EST)

    I have enjoyed not having the worry of cleaning my house wall to wall. Instead I can spend that time with my children. In this busy season of little ones and their messes, cleaning can be very
    overwhelming to a mom. Lorie and Diana are both great. They do a fantastic job each time they are here. Anything I ask of them, they do. Thank you Karen for this company and their thoroughness!

  • Kathleen Sigmon (Friday, October 23 15 08:22 am EDT)

    A group of us wanted to help a friend who was going through a very stressful season in her life. As a gift, we contacted Karen at Time Genies for help to alleviate some of her stress. Karen
    accommodated us on a short notice and Jessica and Diana were efficient and thorough in cleaning our friend's home. They did an excellent job! Our friend came home and could not be more grateful! And
    we, the group of friends, could not be more satisfied with Time Genies! Thanks you Karen!

  • Brad Bollinger / Realty Executives (Wednesday, September 30 15 07:45 am EDT)

    As a Realtor, I often refer Karen to my clients. She recently assisted two of my clients in their move from a townhome to their new home in Catawba Springs. They were amazed at Karen's energy,
    positive attitude, and ability to help them get organized and make a smooth move to their new home.

  • Rene Miller (Thursday, June 25 15 10:02 am EDT)

    Time Genies did a fantastic job cleaning my house! They did everything I wanted. I am selling the house and it looks wonderful for the showings. Karen was a delight to work with!

  • Robbie A (Tuesday, April 28 15 09:48 am EDT)

    I was 110% satisfied!! Karen is friendly, professional and accommodating. I highly recommend her cleaning services!

  • Ana Endsjo (Sunday, April 26 15 11:29 am EDT)

    Time Genies has been a HUGE relief for me!
    I LOVED how the owner came and did a walk through with me first and listened to all that I wanted done! She then came with her girls the first day to make sure it was done to my satisfaction.
    ALL the girls are so pleasant and hard-working. You feel like they REALLY want to please you and make sure the job was done well.
    What I liked the most is that they made weekly adjustments until I was completely satisfied!
    I would 100% recommend thiscompany to anyone! I\'m a pregnant mother of 3 and the relief to have someone reliable and trustworthy that can help me out at this time
    Is PRICELESS and I am so grateful for a company like Time Genies!

  • Katherine M. (Sunday, April 26 15 10:24 am EDT)

    I called Karen at Time Genies after seeing her post in Thumbtack. I had been thinking about getting a cleaning service some time. Karen was able meet with me and give me an estimate for bi-weekly
    cleaning the very same day. Her rate was quite reasonable, so I decided to give Time Genies a try.

    Jessica arrived on schedule the first day and we went through the house and what I needed done, and she proceeded to clean from top to bottom quickly and efficiently. Jessica was very personable and

    Two weeks later Jessica arrived with a helper and they worked well together. They cleaned the entire house in half the time, and again both were very personable and pleasant.

    Each time I was asked if there was anything else I wanted done or if they had missed anything. I added a minor few things.

    Overall I am very pleased with the service and people. Also they have all gone out of their way to work around my 90 year old father and to make him feel comfortable. I highly recommend Time Genies.

  • Sue M (Tuesday, February 24 15 01:38 pm EST)

    Karen is a gem. Very friendly, helpful and offered great suggestions, as I had never done this before. We went through each room and discussed what needed to be done. I can\'t tell you how good it
    feels to come home to a clean, fresh smelling home. Jessica does a great job. I am so glad I decided to have Time Genies help me take care of my home. I would highly recommend them!

  • K (Saturday, February 21 15 04:51 pm EST)

    Very reassuring with the professionalism and obvious concern with with we desired. Finished service most satisfactory. Looking forward to long relationship.

  • Lindsey J (Wednesday, February 11 15 01:35 pm EST)

    Amazing service and personal touch! Great staff very friendly and professional. Karen knows how to read you as a client and tailor the services to meet your needs! You will love them!

  • Michael Deal (Thursday, November 13 14 06:16 am EST)

    All I can say is that if you need the services of this company you will not find a better one. They are great at what they do and will stand behind all they say and do! I have been completely
    satisfied with their work. They are on time and very professional. I would recommend you try them out!I have tried others in the past but these ladies are the best hands down!YOU WILL NOT BE

  • Lisa Cunningham (Wednesday, August 06 14 02:24 pm EDT)

    I met Karen back in June, about a week after I had told friends that I needed a professional organizer to help me declutter my house. Karen came out to my house for a free consultation and we kind of
    looked through the house and decided what was most important. The kitchen is where we decided to start. Karen and one of her staff came out in early July and worked non stop for five hours. They are
    seriously hard workers. Karen came in with a plan and my kitchen is so clean and organized now. It just makes me happy to walk in it now. They actually got done with my kitchen early and then
    continued to find things to do around my house until their scheduled time to work was over. It was amazing. I can't brag on them enough and I am planning to have Karen come back and help me with some
    other tasks. She won't disappoint you with any assignment, of that I am positive.

  • GAIL DELLINGER (Thursday, April 24 14 09:33 am EDT)

    Get me started on you and Cathy and I can't stop. You are both awesome at your work Cathy is GREAT. so appreciate you both.

  • Amy Powell (Tuesday, April 15 14 11:57 am EDT)


    My daugher recently had a baby and my Dad was coming to visit NICE! My house had been neglected and my 16 year old son and I were not at all jazzed about the amount of work needed to make it
    presentable for Grampy's visit. NOT NICE. Sabina at the Chamber mentioned Karen and connected us in short time. VERY NICE. Karen and a partner came to my home, got it shipshape in no time. SUPER NICE
    Since then I have had my house cleaned every 2 weeks and I LOVE IT. It's like a Christmas present for me every 2 weeks. SOOOO NICE. So the next time you are overwhelmed with anything call Karen you
    won't regret it and she is REALLY NICE.

  • Gina (Saturday, January 18 14 11:26 pm EST)

    I have really enjoyed having Karen and her team help organize and de-clutter my home! It can be a really overwhelming task, but she makes a person feel at ease. She is very reassuring and helpful.
    Lots of great ideas! I appreciate all of her help! My family loved the new kitchen and dining room area after it was de-cluttered! It was wonderful to eat meals at the table again. And it feels so
    good to walk into a neater, more spacious room!

  • Shona (Thursday, December 12 13 11:54 am EST)

    Awesome! Efficient! Friendly! Affordable!
    Can't say enough about Karen and her Genies. They did a great job cleaning and de-cluttering. I will for sure use them again - soon!

  • Jenna Scott (Thursday, September 26 13 05:09 pm EDT)

    Karen has become an instrumental part of my family's life. She consistently goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. I cannot thank Time Genies enough....Time Genies is the "wind beneath
    my SuperMom cape". :D

  • Barbara (Wednesday, June 26 13 01:15 pm EDT)


    Thank you for re-arranging, cleaning and straightening out my kitchen cabinets. It was the best Mothers Day present. It only took you a few hours - but want a difference it makes for someone to do it
    for me.

    Thanks again,


  • slade kosova (Monday, May 27 13 11:37 am EDT)

    Karen is fantastic. She is effective, efficient, full of energy, and a pleasure to be around. We will continue to use her services.

  • Jenna Scott (Tuesday, May 21 13 12:19 pm EDT)

    Coming home from work to a clean house yesteray was priceless! I am done with feeling overwhelmed by housekeeping. With a husband, preschooler, 2 indoor dogs and a full-time job, sacrifices just have
    to be made....Not anymore! Thank you Time Genies. I have peace of mind, and you have a permanent client.

  • April (Wednesday, May 15 13 11:37 am EDT)

    Time Genies is wonderful and Karen pays attention to detail and the needs of her clients. She recently cleaned some blinds for me and did a wonderful job. It saved me precious time and allowed me to
    focus my attention elsewhere. Thanks again for the work that you do and your wonderful customer service!

  • Terri Ferraguto (Thursday, April 18 13 10:59 am EDT)

    Working full time has made it a little difficult to be a "perfectionist" at home. Thank goodness for Time Genies!! Karen is FABULOUS! She took care of some much needed mini blind cleaning for me. It
    saved me hours and more time to be with family. She is trustworhty and very thorough on eveyrhing she does. Will be using her agian in the future! An added bonus......her accent!!! :-) Thanks again
    Time Genies

  • Wendy B. (Monday, April 08 13 11:27 am EDT)

    Can't rave enough about Karen and TIME GENIES! I was that "super mom" that tried to do everything at home and at work but in all honesty, I was becoming overwhelmed and my time with my family was
    suffering for it. I heard about Karen from a friend who had used TIME GENIES and I finally sucked up my pride and made the call. I am so very glad I did! She came to my house for a consultation and
    with her calm and friendly nature, she reassured me right from the first 5 minutes that all would be well. We worked out a plan and I could feel the stress lifting immediately. I can't enforce enough
    what a great feeling it is to know that all the small errands and jobs are being taken care which now allows me more time to spend with my kids and husband. Being a working mother is hard work but to
    know there is someone out there that I can call on to help me when it's needed, that truly makes me a SUPER MOM! Oh and that Scottish accent she has....I could listen to her all day!

  • Jennie Zehmer (Wednesday, March 27 13 02:02 pm EDT)

    My business has used Time Gnies to supplement my staff whenwe have large moves. It is soooo nice to be able to say, Karen, will yuo unpack the boxes in the bedroom? and to check in later to see that
    she has done just what I asked. In fact, she goes beyond just doing what I ask, she is like the nurse on an operating room and anticipates my and my clients' needs. I appreciate her ease and caring

  • Darrell Morrison (Tuesday, February 19 13 08:17 am EST)

    My wife and I went to the beach for a long weekend with some friends. We needed someone reliable to take care of Charlie, our daughter's dog. She is away at NCSU so he is really "our" dog. Karen came
    over four times to feed, water and walk Charlie while we were gone. She made a tirp over to meet Charlie and to see what we needed her to do. She did a great job while we were away at a very fair
    rate. I will definitely use Time Genies next time we go out of town.

  • jeremy goodman (Thursday, October 11 12 12:04 pm EDT)

    I recently moved to our first home in Hickory, NC. We came with a moving truck FULL of stuff to unpack! However due to my work schedule and my wife being 7 months pregnant we did not have the time to
    unpack it all. I saw an ad for “Time Genies” on Facebook and gave them a call. Professionalism was my first impression! They were able to work with our schedules to find a time that was best. My wife
    said the lady that came was prompt, friendly, and very productive. She helped my wife go through 8 bags of clothes. When I came home our closet was full with neatly hung dress shirts and dresses, and
    the wardrobe had the rest of our clothes neatly folded and organized in drawers. That task alone would have taken us hours to complete on our own, she had it finished in 2 hours!!!! I can’t say
    enough nice things about Time Genies! Inexpensive, friendly, and efficient! We will definitely be repeat customers, especially once the baby is here! Thanks again Time genies!!!

  • C Wilidng (Saturday, September 29 12 08:20 am EDT)

    A fast and efficient service. Well worth it!

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